The Best Private Dedicated Proxy Providers on the Market

Squid Proxies

It is one of the services that have been rated high by the users and there is a valid reason for it. The best thing is that the proxy can be used for SEO audit as well as the social media automation that has been at its very best with this service. The customers have rated this service high and this is because the company has servers in 4 continents. The proxies that they provide are state of the art and they never get banned at all. The best thing is the fact that communication with their customers' services it awesome and the people sitting at the other end make sure that they answer every query. This service has the best speed in the industry and it also means that you will get an awesome outcome.

The authentication system that is offered by the proxy service is the IP based so you don’t need any username and password to log in. The download speed, in particular, has been mentioned by the users in their reviews which show that the speed is indeed good to be mentioned. The SEO and the SMO have never been as easy as it is with these proxies as they provide you with classy results. With squid proxies, you also get the best rates as well as the industry professionals that are highly skilled in this job. There is no free trial that is offered by this service just to make sure that the network is not overused at all. The service supports all the browsers and it can be used with any software that you can think of. All SEO software programs are supported.

Trusted Proxies

For the SEO agencies and the keyword search, this proxy is the best of all. It also means that you get the perfect outcome. From social media automation to spoofing your location this proxy makes sure that you get all the stuff easily. Even if you want to get your identity hidden this is the best software that you can use. This also means that you get the best results for whatever project you are working on. With these proxies, you can make sure that requests are sent to Google that are thousands in number in a single go. It also means that you never get banned at all.

With the servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Israel you get the services that are best of all. The free option is available but it comes with a twist. It means that you need to pay for the plan before availing it. The best thing is that the proxies do not support the black hat techniques and therefore these services are not supported at all. Once again the customer services are rated high and it is all because of the right solutions that they offer.

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This is a service that has been rated high and it is all because the identity is well hidden with this service. The subnets and the cities are multiple when it comes to the connection and it also means that these proxies can be used to connect from wherever you think of. The best thing is that you get unlimited bandwidth but it is advised not to abuse it or the proxies can get banned as well. With the services that are highly rated by the users, it is a company that will get you all the requirements fulfilled. With this service, you will get 100 concurrent sessions and the proxies are distributed in such a manner that you get to use 120,000 proxies. The data centers are located at all the strategic positions and this is something that has taken this proxy to the next level.

All the proxies are randomized monthly and it also means that you get the perfect anonymity. The data centers are 99.9% up which means that you get the services that are state of the art. The service is fast and you will be online within 1 hour of the purchase and this means that the service is fast and reliable. The other thing that has allowed the users to rate the service high is the fact that it offers a 3-day refund should you don’t get the work done or did not like the service. The plans are also affordable and it also means that it will not hit hard on your budget. They offer both username and password authentication which again makes this service one of the best. The only thing that lacks is the fact that there is no free trial at all.

The best part of this service is the fact that you can get a variety of proxies that you can think of. It provides you with SEO, ads, sneaker, ticketing, and gaming proxies just to name a few. It is because of this variety that the customer base is large and strong. There are 3 main data centers of the company that are located in the UK, USA, and France. The private proxies are data center proxies and therefore the upload and download speeds are too high to be precise. There are no free trial options and therefore this can be regarded as the downside. The customer service is awesome and it is also possible for you to get the solutions that are on time. It also means that you don’t need to worry about the issues that are faced. The uptime unless they notify otherwise is 99.9%.

There is a 3-day refund policy and you can get a full refund if for any reason you are not satisfied with the services. The development of scripts and bots has never been as easy as it is with these proxies. The API documentation is awesome and it also means that you get to know the development stuff easily and in a fast manner. The aspect that makes this service as one of the best is the fact that if they are down they let you know. It means that you never have to approach the customer services to know about the issue and this company approaches you. This is one of the best companies that are on the market and it also knows the psyche of the customers. The prices are affordable and this also makes this service one of the best use.

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High Proxies

The 100 concurrent sessions that you can enjoy with this service is one of the strongest points of this service. The best thing is that you get the proxies that can also be used for normal surfing. It means that you get your privacy protected with perfection. It also means that regardless of the issues that are being faced you get the service uninterrupted. The best part of this service is that it is the largest number of data centers in the world and the credit goes to the dedicated team that has been working at the backend to make it possible. The founders of this company also have extensive experience in data scraping. It simply means that they know their stuff and this also makes it one of the best services online. The company has the data center proxies that are the best in working and also make sure that they get the perfect outcome.

With the data centers that are located in 30 countries and with 50,000 proxies at hand, this is one of the best services of all time. The total number of servers that the company offers is 50 which also makes it one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. There are no free trials that are offered by this company but this does not mean that this issue is not coped. The 3-day trial that is offered makes sure that you get the best and state of the art services of all times. With this company at hand, you will get the services that will not only automate the processes of your but will also make sure that you get the proxies that work. The customer service is state of the art and gets your issues resolved instantly.

To be precise the private proxy is an IP that has not been shared with anyone else. It is dedicated to you and has not been shared at all. It is the type of proxy that is used for data scraping. This is the best thing that you can use for getting data that cannot be extracted otherwise. The shared proxies are also used for the data extraction and scraping but it is something that is neither reliable nor it is reliable. This is one of the proxies that are recommended by professionals. The best thing is that the usage is reliable and you will never get caught at all. Unlike shared proxies that can be detected this one is not detected at all.

Why You Should Use Private Proxies?

There are several reasons for which the private proxies are recommended over the shared ones. This section will get you an idea about the usage of the private proxies and why they are recommended.

Good for Sneaker Sites

This is one of the reasons for which these proxies are used. You might have caught a glimpse of people lined up outside a mall to get the newly released sneakers. This can be done with the help of the private proxies and there is no need to line up at all. The sneakers are loved all over the world regardless of where you belong. This is because these not only look good but also add to the general appearance of yours. The sneaker bots that are supported by these proxies are a way to buy the stuff faster and at a cheaper rate.

The big names of the industry that sell the sneakers are Adidas and Nike. The security systems of their websites are designed in such a manner that they block the requests that are generated by the bots. This is not the case when it comes to the sneaker proxies. This is because of coping that is done and blocks the requests that are related to the sneaker bots. These proxies also make sure that you get the limited editions are well. And with the sneaker proxies, it can be done multiple times which means that you get multiple sneakers. This again means selling them and making profits.

Gaming Purposes

The GPS spoofing is done to change your location. It will make sure that you get to play games with additional perks. Pokémon Go is the best example of such games. For this type of game, a private proxy is recommended as public ones will get your account banned. The other aspect of this game is that it is not supported in many countries. The GPS spoofing using the private proxies will get the Niantic servers to know that you are actually from another country where the game is legal and hence can be downloaded and played. This is another kind of usage that is highly applied and very practical.

This is all done because your location is hidden and this is only possible because you are using the private proxies. The use of public proxies is not recommended at all as this is something that can be tracked. The hackers can also inject the virus into your system and can even get it hacked. The use of a private proxy is therefore recommended and much in use. Gaming is an industry that is booming in the current era so it is the private proxies. It is full-time income for some and therefore these private proxies help a lot in this.

Social Media Optimization

For most of use, the use of social media is only fun and entertainment related. Not many of us know that it is a huge business. This is also something that has been very practical and therefore it is something that has been highly in demand. People from all over the world are making huge sums of money using platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. There are business accounts and the profiles that are made to automate the activities. The private proxies make it possible for you to get social media optimization to the next level.

This leads us to the social media bots that are hated by the networks and they instantly ban such accounts. But if you are using the private proxies you never get detected by these bots and the process becomes easy. These bots add to the cost of servers of the company and therefore it is something that is not feasible for these networks. The private proxies play a major role in this regard and therefore it is something that has been regarded as the best of all. This also makes sure that the best outcome is generated with perfection by optimizing and automating different tasks. The servers can also be set up on your own to get the work done.

SEO Purpose

The SEO audit is not possible if you are not using the proxies that mimic human behaviour. This is because the giants like Bing and Google will ban the IP if it continues to send requests. The private proxies are therefore used to make sure that the ranking is done in the best manner. It will also make sure that you get the best keyword analysis and get to rank it in the best possible manner. The SEO audit can also be done if you use the proxies with the scraping tools. This includes software programs such as ScrapeBox. Other software programs have been developed that do not need any proxies as they are already integrated. One such example is Ahrefs that has been regarded as one of the best tools of all time. It is not only the best way to get your site to the top spot but it is also done in a way that is hidden from the search engines.

Data Scraping

This is the main purpose of private proxies as they make sure that you get the required data without getting blocked. The giants such as Amazon and eBay are full of such data that are required by the businesses. This data can only be obtained with the help of private proxies. The best part is that the data cannot be extracted otherwise. If you try to do so false info will be injected into your data. This is because these companies do not want to get their data compromised. These are also regarded as the business secrets which the businesses from all over the world save from other similar websites and even people. The private proxies are e-commerce proxies and these make sure that you get the best information and the data is also coherent and correct. This to the point data is vital for your business as it allows you to make decisions.

Public proxies can be used to get the information but it is not recommended at all. This is because in most cases these get blocked as they are easily detectable. Data scraping is a science and these are the private proxies that get the work done with perfection. It is also possible to get the best outcome with perfection in the form of raw data that will aid your business. With such valuable info, you get to make the decisions that take your business to new heights. This only possible with the private proxies and there is no other way out.

Ads Management

This is another important aspect and for this, you use the craigslist proxies. Craigslist is one of the best and most used classified sites in North America. This makes this website a hoard of info that will benefit you and will also allow you to get over your competitors with perfection. It is one of the best sites where you can climb the ranks easily. This is because this website allows you to get the information that makes it possible for you to rank your ads higher. The one process that can be followed is to get hits on the ads with different proxies. This also means that you get the best results and your ads rank higher. Doing it from a single IP will not only get it highlighted but your ad might also be removed. This is always done with the Craigslist proxies that are private and working.

These proxies also work the other way round. It means that you can easily post multiple ads from different proxies that are treated as different. It will also make sure that you get the best outcome with perfection and the ads are displayed to different people belonging to different regions. With 500 million users per month on Craigslist, this is something that will surely get you on top. The best part is that the process is not complex at all. More people mean product exposure that will ultimately bring you sales.


Which proxy service you should use always depends upon the project that you have been working on. The proxy services that have been mentioned above will make sure that you get the best results and therefore you must get to know what your business is all about. With the private proxies, you get speed and anonymity that is important of all. It is one of the best and state of the art proxy types that will get you the services that will make your overall experience awesome. The services that are explained in this article should be chosen at your ease and willingness. These proxies will make sure that you get the work done easily. With the best networking techniques that are embedded, the use of private proxies is easy. This will also maximize your profits and will also take your business to the next level.