Best Residential Proxy Providers of 2020

Luminati.io72+ million IPsFrom $500
StormProxies70,0000 IPsFrom $19
GeoSurf2 million IPsFrom $450
Shifter (Microleaves)26+ million IPsFrom $249
Smartproxy40,0000 IPsFrom $90
Proxyrack1.2 million IPsFrom $250
Oxylabs30+ million IPsFrom $600
Netnut.io10 million IPsFrom $475
Icedoutproxies1 million IPsFrom $10
YourprivateproxyStatic residential IPsFrom $9.97

The residential proxies are hard to obtain as there is a very complex approach that works at the backend. Most of the proxy service providers therefore never deal in such proxies and hence it is something that you need to search for. With the best IPs allotted to the proxies and the state of the art services below are the top 11 best residential proxy providers of 2020.



The best has just got better with this company since it is one of the leading residential proxy service providers of 2020. It is the largest proxy network of the world and makes sure that all of your data scraping needs are fulfilled. As it is a distributed network so the residential proxies that they provide never point towards their datacenter at all. It is one of the best companies on the list and has rightfully claimed the number 1 spot as well. The dashboard is simple and makes sure that you get to know the services at a glance.

Founded in 2014 it is one of the best and the state of the art companies that provide services to fortune 500 companies as well. With 36 million residential IP addresses over 200 countries this company has thrived and has made it to the next level. The best part of the company is that they also own the VPN service by the name of Hola. The company has a p2p network which means that none of the addresses that they provide is regarded as IP if used for any purpose. There are 4 packages offered by Luminati and the lowest one starts from $500 which makes them a bit expensive to use.

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2. StormProxies

storm proxies

The IP pool of this website is not as vast as one might think. They offer 40k residential IP addresses for you to use for data scraping, SEO, online shopping and any other purpose you deem fit. The geo-targeting is also limited to the US and EU. The proxy protocols that are used by this service are HTTPS and Sock5. The best part of this service is the cost of packages which is much cheaper as compared to the other providers. There are 4 plans offered by this service and the cheapest one starts from $50 per month for 5 residential ports.

This service also sells the proxy on port bases which makes it one of the best options of all time because the service cost is low. The service is fast, reliable and user friendly. It is rated high by the users’ kudos to the customer service that is highly reliable as compared to others. There are numerous tests conducted and each shows that the service is of high quality. It is backed by tech experts that have experience in their respective fields and they know how to run the service. Their refund policy is also simple if you are not satisfied.

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3. GeoSurf


This one provides you with the rotational residential IP addresses which make sure that you get the best and the state of the art results. For data scraping, this company is one of the best and it makes sure that you get the best outcome with perfection. The founders of the company have vast experience in data scraping and web crawling and this company also focus on the said services. The 2 million residential IPs in the pool this company gets you the services that are simply splendid. This is one of the best proxy service providers of all time.

The tagline of the business is just awesome and it makes you wonder how awesome the services are. It says that you can scrape any website without getting blocked. Any website simply means any website which includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With coverage of 1700 cities, this is a kind of service that will awe you in every respect. The three packages offer and the resultant calculation shows that per GB cost of this service is $0.5 cheaper than the other service providers. Three packages are provided. The cheapest option that you will find is $450 per month followed by $900 per month and $2000 per month.

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4. Shifter aka Microleaves


This service also provides the residential IP addresses that are rotational. This means that there is no chance of you being tagged as someone suspicious. With 26 million IP addresses the service is one of those that cares for its customers. The company does not use the name residential proxies instead it uses the name back connect proxies. Don’t worry at all as this name is just a modified version of the residential proxies and the same level of services is provided with perfection. The other aspect which many customers like is that the proxies are never sold concerning bandwidth. The Microleaves sell the proxies on a per-port cost which makes its case unique. There are 10 packages which are offered by the service which means that it captures almost all the segments of the market.

The 10 port package costs about $250 per month and the largest plan that offers 4000 ports cost $80,000. The best part of this service is that it offers the residential IPs that are USA based. There are also some issues with the service as there have been reports that their proxies are blocked by some websites. The service is also expensive and the company offers no free trial at all.

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5. Smartproxy


With rotational residential IP addresses, this company gets you for what you have paid. The company does not provide any free trial which some deem to be as a downside but the features are great. There are 10 million residential IP addresses which the company offers and therefore it is the best of all. It covers about 195 countries and therefore one of the largest networks of all time. The company has 8 cities on the list that can be targeted. The IP rotation makes sure that there is no suspicion at all and you use the services with perfection.

The company has an uptime of 99% which is simply awesome because the residential IPs are being rotated continuously. There is not even a single instance that has been reported by any customer that the residential proxy of the company gets blocked. There are 4 packages offered by the company and the minimum starts from $75 + VAT. Regardless of the package, you are using the customer service is state of the art and service is the cheapest that you could find. The best part is that the third-party integration is also possible with this proxy provider with ease.

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6. Proxyrack


The geo-targeting of this service is mixed as it covers both the US and the rest of the world. There are 4.8 million proxies that are in their pool which makes them one of the most reliable services of all time. The high-end websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail are targeted by this service and it provides highly reliable services. They also offer a VPN service and have a fair share when it comes to the user base. This service does not offer a free trial at all but the good part is that there are a 14 days money-back guarantee. It means that you can get your money back within 2 weeks of the purchase. It also shows that the company is highly confident about their services.

There are 3 packages which are offered by this service and the standard one starts from $120 per month. It includes the threads that are simultaneous and make sure that you never get flagged for whatever reason. The service is state of the art and the bandwidth is unlimited. Above all the customer service is well versed in all kinds of tech aspects. It is a service that has been tested thoroughly and found to be reliable.

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7. Oxylabs


The rotating IP addresses that are provided by this service are highly reliable. The company has 30 million IP addresses in the pool which makes them one of the services that you would want to use. The geo-targeting is vast as compared to the other services as it is connected to different cities all over the world. There are many services for which the proxies can be used and it includes account verification, travel fare aggregation, and SEO. The services are fast and reliable and the best part is that it does not slow down the scraping as the other services do. The plans are designed in such a manner that it offers the best rates to the users though they are not cheap at all. The lowest plan that it offers costs you about $600 and it includes 50GB of data.

Regardless of the plan that you opt for the best part is that you get access to the pool of residential IPs completely. The only issue with the service is that the customer service channels are limited. You can only contact customer support via email. You get delayed reply and it also leads to prolonged issues. The rest is fine and up to the mark.

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With 10 million IPs and worldwide coverage, this is one of the services that you would not want to miss. Based in Israel it has been serving the online companies and entrepreneurs. The company is now on the market and as a startup, you also might be a bit sceptical about using the services of this company. The best part is that it has been providing top-notch services and has also been rated as one of the best newcomers in the business. The other thing that makes it one of the best proxy service providers is that it is safe and secure to use. It means that the proxy service is not obliged to share the data with the government so you never have to worry.

This also means that whatever your purpose is you can easily get the proxy with the confidence that your data will never be leaked to the law enforcement agencies. With high speed and low latency, this service is one of the best and allows the users to use the service seamlessly. With awesome customer support and a free trial option, this company has left a mark on the industry for good.

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9. Icedoutproxies


This service also provides you with the rotating residential IPs to make sure that you never get caught hiding behind a proxy. The customer base is not as huge as some of the other services that are listed on this list but it does not mean that the service is substandard. It is one of the best and most advanced IP service providers that have been tested thoroughly. The main target market of the proxy is sneaker sites and the proxies that are provided work best with such sites. Customer support is only available via email but it is fast and affordable service.

The service is simply awesome and it makes sure that your IP never gets blocked at all. You can be sure that for whatever reason you are using the service it is fulfilled. The geo-targeting is not available and the service only targets the US market. 4 different packages are offered by the company. The cheapest package that is offered comprises of 10 US residential proxies. The largest of these comprises of 100 US residential proxies for $90. Each package mentions that the proxies work fine with the sneaker sites which makes it one of the best choices of all times.

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10. Yourprivateproxy


The business has been one of the major service providers on the market. It not only has a huge pool of residential IPs but it also makes sure that the service always remains up to the mark. With this service, you are sure to get the anonymity that you have always looked for. With the best and the state of the art customer service, you will also get timely responses. There are 6 packages in total that are offered by this service. The cheapest plan costs you about $9.97 per month and gets you to support on 5 devices. 20 IP threads are offered a minimum. The formats that are supported by the service are HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKET5 which makes it one of the versatile services of all time.

The refund policy of the company could be a bit hard for some. The issue is that they don’t provide the refunds based on device or third party compatibility. They would rather only offer a refund if you are facing any technical issues. The latency is something for which the service has always been marked down by the reviewers. It is the only thing that would hamper your experience. Other than this the service has been performing exceptionally and the customer base has been on the rise since its inception.

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What is a Proxy?

Before we delve deep into the subject of residential proxies we must know what a proxy is. It would make us aware of the phenomenon that works at the backend. If we go by the dictionary definition it says that “a server that exists between personal computer and the internet” is known as the proxy server. So it is essentially a middleman that allows us to surf those corners of the internet that are banned at any specific location. It also allows us to hide our IP address which is the physical location of your machine. The proxy market has always been on the rise and it is all because the users want security while surfing the internet.

Residential Proxies: What are they?

These are the addresses that are given to home internet users by their ISP. The process that is involved in acquiring the IP is a complex one. Most companies are therefore not involved in selling the residential IP addresses and therefore it is something that you need to search the web for. The services that are mentioned in this article are fast, reliable, and user friendly with high ratings. These provide essentially the residential proxies that will make sure that you get the work done with perfection.

Why are the Residential Proxies Preferred?

It is because the residential proxies are the ones that are tied to real IP addresses. For most of the traffic generation purposes or whatever the case is these proxies are deemed to be as one of the best. It is because even if the IP leak service is used to check these proxies the results would show that it is being used in a house at any specific location. This location would in a boarder sense be a city or metropolitan area.

The residential proxies are also preferred as they don’t use the IPs that are attached to the datacenters. The proxies that are used to create the accounts or unlock the websites at specific locations use the datacenter IPs and most of the time they get the work done. In the wake of advancement in technology, it is now impossible to use these proxies or VPNs to generate traffic for a website. Some ways can be used to get the location of the proxy server from where the traffic is generated. The result would be that the traffic would not only be banned but all IP addresses related to that datacenter would be blacklisted. This will waste both your time and resources and therefore it is something that is not at all recommended.

Residential Proxies will never let this happen as they are legit and if tracked lead to reallocation. The websites and the other online services recognize the residential IPs as real people hence allowing them to use the services without any problem. Even if you are using the residential IP there is a twist – the search engines will never allow you to generated requests greater than a specific number so you got to beware of it.

What are the other Advantages of Residential Proxies?

Apart from the general advantages, some specific benefits are offered by residential proxies. These are mentioned as under to get you an idea about how fantastic the idea of residential proxies is:

Next Level Legitimacy

This is one of the main reasons for which the residential proxies are used. Creating the datacenter proxies is not hard at all but the same does not apply to residential proxies. It is because these are specific series that are offered to residential clients only and therefore very difficult to harvest.

Blacklisting is A Thing of the Past

This is another important aspect. As compared to the other proxies as these are legitimate so they don’t get blacklisted at all. The various websites and databases deem these proxies to be real users and therefore you never get blacklisted at all.

Layered Security

The best part is that layered security is provided by the residential proxies. To be precise it is regarded as the advantage for which these proxies are regarded as the best. The best part is that these proxies are deemed as real users and therefore you don’t have to worry about getting blocked. This layered security also means that are safe and secure from the hackers as well. These hackers target systems that use open internet accesses. With the residential proxies, you are covered and secured all the time.


The residential services are one of the best to get the desired results such as whatever activity you are performing. The best part of the residential proxies is that these are 100% legitimate and the companies that are offering these services make sure that you get the added safety and security for which you have purchased the proxies. To top everything off with these proxies per minute request rate is higher as compared to the datacenter proxies. Depending upon your budget and project you need to choose the service provider wisely to make sure that the best results are garnered.