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Blazing Proxies claims to have “private proxies with power,” and with all of their features, they back up that claim.  The company was founded by Blazing SEO back in 2015. With over 10,000 customers, Blazing SEO LLC is well known for the high speed of its services and outstanding customer support.  They offer services in 9 different countries, including USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Vietnam and Japan. Along with a large amount of locations, they offer authentication on all of their proxies including IP authorization and User:Pass authorization.  Blazing SEO also owns 100% of their hardware, that combined with their in-house engineering staff ensures the best performance from all of their hardware. Not only do they offer proxies, but they also offer OCR/text captcha solving services and an archive org scraper. They also offer services for SENuke, Craigslist proxies, Facebook Proxies, Twitter proxies, Xrumer and GSA SER.


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Network Performance 

Blazing Proxies supports HTTP proxies, HTTPS proxies, and SOCKS proxies, unlike most private proxy providers and includes 99.99% SLA.  Not only that, they own a large number of subnets in order to provide top-notch diversity for user’s orders. All of their servers are powered by redundant SSDs, which are carefully set up with weekly backups free of charge.   Their proxies run on a speed of 889.35 MBPS and have an upload speed of 892.84 MBPS.

They offer Windows VPS, which includes a multitude of features.  One of those features is updated hardware, they use Intel E5-2620v4, which premiered in 2015.   This offers the user unlimited and unmetered bandwidth and pure SSD drives along with “true” 1GB/s network lines.  Their VPS locations match their proxy location, ensuring optimal speed for setup and includes round-the-clock customer support.    These servers use Sold-State Drives, ensuring optimal performance for users. Blazing SEO provides users with 4 different locations for this service; LA, NY/NJ, Dallas Chicago.  Also, if the user finds that the VPS had a downtime of over 4 minutes and 19 seconds within one month of use, the user receives credit back, no questions asked.

Their dedicated servers include 10 TB of bandwidth for free each month.  They also offer varying sizes and configurations, meaning they can work for all different budgets and needs.  Blazing Proxies dedicated proxies include the same data center locations as their other proxy offerings, to prove the optimal speed for the user’s proxy + server setup.   These also use Solid-State Drives, the same as they offer with their Window VPS. As all of their other services, they offer 24/7/365 customer support.

Blazing Proxies semi-dedicated proxies are fast, but not as fast but not as fast as their dedicated proxies.  These will be shared between a max of 3 different users. The issue that arises from this is not only will the user have slower run-times, but 2 other users will be utilizing the proxies on possibly the same sites the other user is using them for, which would mean the possibility of banned IPs and limited use on those sites.

Their rotating private proxies ensure absolute anonymity because they never keep the user’s IP address the same for long.   While the speeds may be slower, this allows for the best security and privacy when compared to all of their other services.   Blazing SEO’s rotating proxies are only used by the user that purchased them at all times, but every 10 minutes their proxy will switch to a new private proxy, allowing access to a large number of IP addresses.  Despite that, all other users who purchase rotating private proxies have access to the same IP addresses. They also include unlimited threads and bandwidth and 1 GBPS dedicated network lines.

Pricing and Packages 

Blazing Proxies offer 3 different types of proxies; semi-dedicated, dedicated and rotating.  For each of them, they offer various packages allowing the user to find one that best suits their needs.  All new customers will have their proxies within 2 minutes of purchasing. Below are the packages:

Blazing SEO also provides proxy + shoe server bundles.  Users should note that their sneaker proxies include a zero refund policy and they do not guarantee the proxies to work for any sneaker site.  All four bundles include window server 2012 R2 and 1Gbps network performance. All bundles offer window server 2012 R2 and 1Gbps network performance.  The packages are described below:



Customer Care 

As mentioned earlier, Blazing SEO LLC is known for its great customer service.  They offer 24/7 live chat support on their website, allowing a user to ask a question and get a quick response.  Blazing SEO LLC also has a great technical team that monitors all systems 24/7, meaning issues are spotted quickly and resolved immediately.   Along with fast problem resolution, they offer a 2-day trial period. This allows new users an allotted time period to try out the services they purchased to make sure they serve the purpose they were looking for.  Also, if users find that they have a bad IP, they can request a free automatic replacement instantly.

Overall, Blazing SEO is one of the best proxy service providers out there.  They off a wide variety of features, including sneaker proxies, and offer exceptional customer support.  With such a high number of locations around the world, many people will be able to use their services.