World’s Leading Residential Proxy Provider

As the title reads, the world’s leading residential proxy provider means that the service has got some value that is very difficult to replicate by others. Luminati has been on the front of the market for a long time now as its IP pool consists of 34+ million IPs that target almost every country in the world. The data scraping has never been as easy as it is with this service. Luminati has seen a boom in business and it is just because the company means business and they provide quality to their clients.

Features of the Service

Some important aspects make this service as one of the best in the world. Some of the features that make Luminati as one of the best residential IP providers are as follows:

  • The company has the largest residential IP pool and for the same, it is regarded as the largest residential IP provider of the world.
  • The residential IPs are located in almost every country and its city that you can think of. Their data centers are state of the art and support every ASN and carrier that you can think of.
  • Web scraping has been taken to the next level with the proxy manager that the company provides. It has all the features to foster the process for good.
  • The proxy connections are unlimited and the customer support is well versed in all the tech aspects of the product.
  • Apart from residential proxies it also provides the data center and mobile proxies to make sure that the large market segment is covered. The process of configuring the proxies is also easy to understand.

Why Luminati is recommended?

There are several reasons for which the company is regarded as one of the leading proxy providers on the internet. The main business is to provide you with the residential proxy services but they also deal in datacenter proxies as well as mobile IPs to capture large market segmentation. Luminati has already been recognized as one of the best companies in the world and this is all because of the matchless service level.

Luminati provides you with a 7-day free trial to make sure that you get to know the service. The refund policy is also relatively easy to understand and has no complexities involved. It clearly states that you should let the company know within 7 days if there is any dissatisfaction. It further states that you should expect a full refund if the issue is found to be legitimate. If you are a registered company enjoy the residential IP free 7-day trial and if you are using their datacenter proxies then even as an individual user you can avail the offer.

Why are Residential Proxies Preferred?

There are several reasons for which the residential proxies are preferred over datacenter ones. The main reason when it comes to Luminati is the fact that they have a large pool of residential IPs which makes every proxy a dynamic one. The websites even if they are high end would never be able to detect their proxies at all. The datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are static and these are detected easily. It is too hard and in some cases impossible to scrape data using datacenter proxies. Though the datacenter proxies are cheap they are never recommended because you will not get the desired results.

Largest Residential Proxy Networks

Luminati is the only company that has a large geo-distribution of their proxies. The speed is awesome as compared to the rivals. It is much faster than the other distribution networks that offer limited geo-targeting. The company has also been known to provide you with the load balancing servers if you want to increase the speed but for that, a special request is to be made. Embedding their proxies is too simple as you can find complete guides on their website. With Luminati, you can use the service in almost any country of the world as it has a network distribution that is carefully monitored and is being expanded with time.

With the service, you also get a rotation manager which means that the IPs are continuously rotated to make sure that the new requests are generated. Several programming languages support the proxies by Luminati. You can find several tutorials online to get an idea about the programming language and how can the proxy be used with it.

How are the Residential IPs generated?

This generation has been made easier with the help of their sister service which is Hola. It is a VPN service that has long been rated as one of the best VPN services. It has a myriad of residential IP addresses. There are proxy nodes that are embedded within the Hola and it makes sure that the activities that the users perform seem to be natural. It is said that the IPs that are used by Hola are far greater in number as compared to the existing pool. The millions of nodes foster the process and allow you to reach any part of the world with ease and perfection. The best part of the service is that it cannot be deceived at all. It means that you don’t need to get worried about getting caught or blocked at all. It is because the personalized services are offered by the VPN to keep you covered.

Hola has a disconnection rate which is far less than the other VPN services. Here I don’t mean disconnection in the literal sense but here it means that the IP request generation fails for some reason. The Hola has a complete and separate pool that has an automated mechanism. It means that the residential IPs that are extracted are added to the main pool and are also used for the Hola users. As the datacenter proxies are not used so these are not static and therefore cannot be identified or not easily identifiable. The request is only blocked if the datacenter proxies are used. It can also lead to miscommunication and info sharing that is not personalized and is inaccurate.

The Pricing Plans

There are five plans which are offered by the service and it makes sure that the best and the state of the art services are provided. These plans are discussed as follows:

  • Starter Residential – It includes premium features and unlimited IPs. The data of 40GB is included at a rate of $12.5 per GB. The price of this plan is $500.
  • Production Residential – It offers 100GB at a rate of $10 per GB. The price of this plan is $1,000.
  • Plus Residential – This includes 1000GB at a rate of $6 per GB. The total price of this plan is $6,000.
  • High Volume Residential – 10,000 GB is included at the rate of 3 per GB. The total price of this plan is, therefore, $30,000.
  • Growth Residential – The price of this plan is $100,000 per month and it offers 50,000GB at the rate of $2 per GB.

The only issue with the service which I don’t think should be is the price. The minimum plan has a rate of $500 and for any startup, it might be a bit difficult. If on the other hand, we see the service level I don’t think that this should be an issue at all.

The good part about their plans is that they can be rolled over. For instance, you pay $1,000 for a plan and use it for about 10 days in a month. The cost of proxies consumed with days will be rolled over to the next month. It all depends on how you want to use the proxies and what are the requirements.

How to use Residential Proxies with Luminati?

It is simple kudos to the developers of the proxy manager that has made things even easier for the users. The Luminati proxies can be requested via:

  • Luminati  API
  • Proxy Manager
  • Browsers

The above are the three main ways that will be explained in full so that you get to understand the entire processes that are associated.

Luminati API

It is the easiest way to ensure that the codes are generated via the proxy manager. The code can be embedded within the different websites as well as the applications that you might think of. The Luminati API currently supports the following languages:

  • Shell
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • C#
  • VB
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Pearl

For all of the above languages, you can generate the proxies that are both residential and datacenter based. This is done under the zone section of the manager. Here you can also specify the exit country node. If the residential IP has been generated you need to look for the authentication info at the last of the page. Here you will find the address, port, username, and password to proceed with the website you are trying to work on. This API generation also supports GITHUB where you can download the resource files for your project that you have been working on.

Proxy Manager

This can be regarded as the best and the state of the art development that has been done by the Luminati. It is fast, efficient, hassle-free and ensures maximum performance. It comes with predefined configurations. You can also customize it as per the requirements and therefore it is something that has taken the task of IP configuration to the next level. As a novice user, you just need to specify the country at the top and the rest is done by the manager itself. Once the country has been specified you need to continue browsing as normal.

The headers of the manager can also be changed to meet your needs. One of the best things about this manager is the fact that you can use it for multiple users. There is a user account management that has been integrated within it. It is therefore good for employee management and makes sure that all the activities are monitored. As a single account is being used to it is easy to keep track of all the activities and maintain the logs or audit trail. It can also be regarded as a cost-cutting tool as it makes sure that the limited bandwidth is used. There is no complex coding that you need to perform in this regard as the setup of LPN runs on its own.


There is an extension for Chrome that has been developed by Luminati and it works just perfectly. It ensures that you remain fully secure and protected while surfing the web. Some websites run HMAC to prevent bot usage. To explore or scrape such websites this extension is just like a boon as it makes sure that you get access to the parts that are blocked if a datacenter proxy is used. The copping on some websites that use HMAC has never been as easy as it is with this extension.

The setup of this extension is available on Chrome web store where it can easily be installed on the browser. The extension gets you the power of Luminati integrated right into your browser which is just a perfect way to get your tasks done. The P2P network is used to route the requests to make sure that your identity remains hidden. The P2P network is the real residential IP that is being used at the backend.

Luminati IP Change

The gateway is refreshed every 60 seconds which means that the IP is changed every minute to make sure that the websites never find you someone hiding behind a proxy. There are proxy settings that are provided for all the Luminati integrations. It makes sure that you change the IP policy from there as well. If you want to change the IP every fresh session you can define the IP policy accordingly. The maximum number of requests that you want to send from a single IP can also be defined under the proxy settings. In case it has not been defined the IP will be refreshed every 60 seconds.

Session Duration Settings

This also comes under the IP settings > IP policy. Adjusting these settings will make sure that you get to disconnect the session. There are mainly 2 options under these settings the first one is “long single session”. If you opt to choose for this session then a single IP would be available for the entire session. The second option is “custom”. As the name suggests if this option is chosen then you will be able to set the duration of your own in seconds. It will work as long as the IP is available in the pool. The same also applies to the long single session setting.

Datacenter Proxies

Luminati not only provides the residential proxies but they also get you the datacenter proxies for different kinds of functions. Six different plans are offered in this regard and these are explained as under:

  • Pay As you Go – There are 700K IPs in this pool. The cost per IP is $0.65 and per GB cost would be $0.10.
  • Starter Plan – This plan offers up to 800 dedicated IPs and the cost would be $0.60 per IP. The data cost is $0.095 per GB. The plan would cost you about $500 per month.
  • Production – There are 1800 IPs provided in this plan. The monthly commitment is $1,000. The cost per IP would be $0.55 and data would cost about $0.085 per GB.
  • Plus – There are 6800 IPs in this plan. The cost per IP would be $0.50 and per GB data cost is $0.07. It will cost you about $3,400 per month.
  • High Volume – There are 13,300 IPs in this plan. The cost per IP is $0.45 and data would cost you about $0.06 per GB. The monthly commitment is $6,000.
  • Enterprise Plans – With 75,000 IPs this is the best plan if you are running a business. Per IP cost is $0.40 and per GB would cost you about $0.05. The monthly commitment is about $30,000.

The Cost Calculator

You need to visit for the calculation of the per month datacenter proxies. Here you got to define the Zone name first of all. Select the network type that you want to have in your monthly plan. The IP exclusivity should also be mentioned and most of the time it would be exclusive. Select the IP pool size and under the heading country, you need to select any so that the whole world is completely covered.  Select unlimited bandwidth, exclusive time, and domains to see the cost at the right-hand side. The total monthly cost will be calculated at the very top.

This is one of the best tools that have been provided by Luminati. This tool is always advised so that you are never out of your budget and get the plan that you need. As for the feedback the datacenter proxies of Luminati are highly reliable and work perfectly with different websites.

Mobile Proxies

5 mobile proxy plans are offered by Luminati. The plans are highly discounted to make sure that it remains in your budget. They have also been rated high for the mobile proxies that they provide. It is all because of the quality of service as well as reliability. Luminati is committed to coming up with the expectations of the customers. The plans are explained as under:

  • Starter Plan – It includes 16GB and the price per GB is $30. The monthly commitment for this plan is $500.
  • Production Plan – It includes 35GB. You will be charged at the rate of $28 per GB and the monthly commitment is $1,000.
  • Plus Plan – It includes 125GB and the cost per GB is $26 and the monthly commitment is $3,400.
  • High Volume Plan – It costs about $6,000 per month. The plan includes 250GB and the cost per GB is $24.
  • Enterprise Plans – It includes 2TB and the cost per GB would be $15. The monthly commitment would be $30,000.

Highlights of the Service

  • It is one of the best service providers for residential proxies. Being the largest network it has all the resources to satisfy the customer base.
  • As compared to the rivals the proxies of Luminati are much reliable and fast to work with. It makes sure that the rotation is done continuously so that there remains no element of suspicion.
  • The SOCKET5 is the protocol that is used with the residential proxies. To make good use of this technology it is advised to visit the website for full info.
  • The residential proxies of this company have a high success rate which means that it can be used to send unlimited requests whatsoever. It is truly the market leader of all proxy providers.
  • The service is cost-effective as the P2P network of the company can be used to send HTTP and HTTPS requests to all cities around the globe. There is a total of 14 million proxies that have been dedicated to the service for this purpose.
  • All the business-related tasks can be performed with these proxies. The partner validation and verification have never been as simple as it is with this service.
  • The support team is highly reliable and they know the tasks which are being performed. It means that you are sure to get the best customer service that knows how to deal with the customers.

Our Verdict

The average rating of the company is high as compared to the others that are on the market. It is all because of the commitment to the business and customer-centric approach of the company. The failure is not a question if you are using the proxies of Luminati. It is a company that is committed to getting you the best results so that your overall progress is never hampered. They are also cost-effective if you calculate per GB data and IP cost. With the cutting edge datacenters and proxy servers, this service is all that you need to thrive in your business.