Shifter aka Microleaves Review

Microleaves (now Shifter) has been on the market for the past 08 years and it has provided the services that are highly reliable and trustworthy. There are different reviews of the users when it comes to the service and it is all because some have found it to be extremely useful and for the others, it simply was not up to the mark. To judge and write a review about any proxy you must get to test the proxy. Once you get the results a review has been written. This will make sure that the review is unbiased and to the point. This was our approach before we proceeded to write this article.

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Background of the Service

Shifter, aka Microleaves, has been one of the oldest companies and the inception dates back to the era when there was a lot of talk about the proxies and their usage. With time new companies emerged but Microleaves remain as one of the toughest competitors to beat. The company has risen to become one of the best and the state of the art companies that provide the proxy related services at a bearable cost. The proxy pool is large and therefore it has a large customer base as well. There is a set of services that are provided by the company and it is unique to it. You will not find such features in any other service and these features set the company apart.

Some companies provide metered connections and once the threshold has been reached the internet connection is cut off. Well, it is not the case with Microleaves and their connections are unlimited which means that your internet connection will never be cut off no matter how much bandwidth you use. This is the best feature that makes this company and its packages cost-effective and easy to use. For startups, this company is a boon as it has all the required tools to take their business to the next level.

The unmetered bandwidth is accompanied by the fact that the prices are cheaper. This again sets this company apart from others. Though there are some downfalls as well they are present in every service so can be overlooked easily. You might find some connection errors and average speeds but the company is working hard to get over the issues which they will as the competition is on a rise.

Technical Aspects

The tech aspects of the company are state of the art and they make sure that the company gets the best service to the customers. It provides both residential and datacenter proxies and the price is charged per port. The minimum package is of 10 ports and the pool comprises of 26 million IP. The protocols that are supported by the network are HTTPS and SOCKET5. The geo-targeting is done on the country base and the authentication is done through IP, username, and password. There is no free trial offered by the company and if you are not satisfied by the service there is a 3-day refund policy. It is a UK based company and if you want to contact them then there is a contact form on their website. The other issues can easily be sorted out with the help of the detailed FAQ section that is on their website.

Why you should use Shifter?

The simple answer to this question is the fact that there are many pros of the company that makes it one of the best services. The question that why should you go for this service has been answered in detail in this section.

Large IP Pool

The IP pool of any company shows that it is highly targeted and covers a large area. When launched this company was known as The rebranding is done afterward just to thwart the competition. This was done for mainly two reasons, the first to show the customers that the company cares and the second is to make sure that a robust image is presented to the stakeholders. This company became one of the largest companies in the market with 26 million IPs in its pool. To be precise this company is at number 3 when it comes to the proxy pool size. There are only 2 other companies that have an IP pool larger than Microleaves. This is indeed an achievement that they can be proud of. A large IP pool also means that you will get the rotation relatively fast and the rotating system of Microleaves is one of the best in the industry.

Regular Pool Update

This is another important aspect that makes Microleaves as one of the top companies of all times. The IP pool is not something that remains stagnant. Microleaves make sure that it remains inflow and this is done with the help of the regular pool update that is highly targeted and state of the art. The pool is always refreshed and the bad IP is removed that is thought to be bad or are blocked by the websites. The coverage also makes it a company that has been most sought after. The company does not specify the countries the IP of which are assigned to the users. With Microleaves you are unable to get the city-specific IP as in case of its rivals. Microleaves provide services that are strictly country-based. This pool update is something that shows how professional a company is and it also makes a customer realize that they care about the work which is being performed using their proxy pool.

Unlimited Bandwidth

This is another important aspect that makes it one of the best and state of the art services to work with. The bandwidth is unlimited and your internet never goes off if you are using this service. This can be regarded as the main selling point of the company which means that this is not only one of the best companies but also cares about your budget. Unlike other companies neither you will get the data exhausted nor will your connection be cut off at all. This is something that is like a dream come true for the companies that are startups. A per-port charge is only applicable to this company which makes it an economical choice. This is something that has completely changed the game for the proxy industry and the competitors switched to other ways to lure the customers.

Money-Back Guarantee

This is another advantage of using this service. There are many proxy service providers on the internet but the worst part of almost all is that they don’t make their refund policies clear. Microleaves is a completely different case. The company assures its customers that if the proxies fail to carry out the work for which they have been purchased they will get their money back. This is something that has been the best of all and it also makes sure that you have the peace of mind that your money is safe and secure all the time. It will also make you satisfied with the quality of service that is being provided. With this 3 days money-back guarantee you are sure to get the best outcome while you use the product.

Scraping Performance

This is another important aspect for which the company has been known. Though it is generally accepted the fact of the matter is that it is still better than most of the companies that are working on the market. For the top 10 websites which we used to scrape the data, the average success rate was about 77% which is acceptable because the bandwidth is unmetered. With the company getting more and more customers it is also an obvious fact that work is being done to make this percentage better. One important thing that has been observed in this regard is the fact that the concurrent sessions are directly proportional to the errors that are faced. With Microleaves if the concurrent sessions are low in number it means that you get few errors and vice versa. With 300 connections the rate of errors is relatively high as compared to the other services. They can also be regarded as a company that has a scarping performance better than many of its competitors.


It is something that gets Microleaves ahead of its competitors. With the best and the state of the art knowledge the professionals that have been hired by Microleaves make sure that the issues of the customers are resolved with perfection. It is one of the best and state of the art outcomes that the company provides to its customers. You as a customer whenever you contact a company you expect to get your issue resolved easily and quickly. This is something that Microleaves does and they make sure that instant solutions are provided. Though you cannot contact them live the contact form and the solution provided will make you believe that you are in the right hands.

Response Time

As the scraping performance has been written about so some may think that the response time is not up to the mark. It is completely wrong as the response time of Microleaves is up to the mark and therefore it is regarded as one of the best proxy services on the market. The best part is that the response time has been tested by many individuals as well as the company based testing services. The results were similar or identical to be precise. These companies are of the view that the response time of Microleaves is awesome. The average response time that has been calculated for the Microleaves is 4.433 seconds which is simply state of the art. The response time is also an important factor that makes sure that the quality of a proxy service is defined. With the best and the state of the art functionality that it offers the Microleaves is one of the proxies that have a response time which is comparable to any other major service.

Connection Speed

It is also a matter for concern for many people as a proxy is very notorious for the speed that they provide. With Microleaves it is possible to get the best speed so you don’t have to worry about this at all. The speed testing of Microleaves also makes sure that you get the speed that is equivalent to any other proxy service as it is comparable. Even if you use the speed test tool you will get to know that the connection speed is not that slow as some rivals of Microleaves may claim it to be. Speed is one of the main factors that define the overall connection and it is important as it can lead to issues if this has not been dealt with. For Microleaves the average ping that it offers is 84ms, the download speed is 21.43 Mbps and upload speed is 11.25 Mbps. This connection speed is good as compared to the other services and it is important that due to backlash received by the customers in the past Microleaves has improved it a lot.

Easy to Use

The dashboard of Microleaves is well organized and it makes sure that you get all the things that are needed. The best part is that things are well organized and this makes this service one of the easiest ones to use. The use of the dashboard has been further simplified with the help of the online tutorials that are available online. The other important aspect that is associated with the Microleaves is the ease of use of the authentication of the proxy. Though they provide both the ways of authenticating the service it is advised to use the IP whitelist authentication method. The username and password method might be difficult for some so this method will work at its best.

Features of the Dashboard: What’s available and what’s not?

There are some features of the dashboard that are very important to understand. It will make sure that you get the best results once you are using the service. It will also get you familiar with the program that you will find easy to use once the service has been purchased. The important features that are available on the dashboard are mentioned as follows:

User Statistics

Microleaves, unlike the other service providers, do not show the user statistics on the dashboard which is an inconvenience. This is also correct on the other hand as the usage is unlimited and therefore you need no statistics. In my option, there should have been a tab for the user statistics there on the dashboard. It would have made sure that the usage is calculated for certain activities that have been performed so that the user can maintain the trail. However, it is something that Microleaves does not provide on its dashboard.

Credentials and IP Whitelist

These are the important aspects that are available on the dashboard and they make sure that you get the credentials to whitelist the IP. It means that the username and password can be seen on the dashboard and it will make it possible for you to authenticate using these credentials. The whitelist of IP is also available onto the dashboard so that you get to know which IP is on the whitelist. From here you can also clear up the list to start fresh. The username and password form of authentication is not recommended so it is also important that the other way i.e. the whitelist method is used to get the work done.

Support Tickets

Microleaves also provide a way to directly contact the support from the dashboard and this is an important aspect that you should be aware of. You need to make sure that the dashboard is used to get the work done. From here with a few simple steps, you can easily make sure that the ticket has been written to the support and you get the answer from their awesome support as soon as possible. This is an important aspect that makes the dashboard all the more useful and makes contact with the customer support easy.

Miscellaneous Functionalities

There is a section of the dashboard that is dedicated to the plan renewal. It is important as it makes sure that you get to recharge your account as well. It is one of the best things that you would find on the dashboard and it has made the plan renewal too easy. The facility of live chat is not available online on the dashboard so you cannot get this facility easily. It is one of the best and the state of the art services that can easily be added to the dashboard but Microleaves has not done anything like this which makes this service a kind of hard to deal with.

Shifter Price Plans

There are both residential and datacenter proxies that are offered by Microleaves. The plans are as under for better understanding.

Backconnect Proxy Plans

10 plans are offered to the customers in this regard. These along with the prices are mentioned as under:

Basic Plan 1 – This offers 25 back connect proxies at the rate of $249.98 per month.

Basic Plan 2 – There are 50 proxies in the plan and the monthly cost is $499.98

Basic Plan 3 – It has 100 proxies and the amount per month is $998.98

Basic Plan 4 – It consists of 250 proxies at the rate of  $2499.98 per month.

Basic Plan 5 – Comprises of 500 proxies at the rate of $4999.98 per month.

Basic Plan 6 – It has 1000 back connect proxies at the rate of $9999.98 per month.

Basic Plan 7 – There are 2000 proxies in the plan. The cost is $19999.98 per month.

Basic Plan 8 – There are 3000 proxies in the plan and the cost is $29999.98 monthly.

Basic Plan 9 – With 4000 proxies the rate per month is $39999.98 per monthly.

Basic Plan 10 – There are 5000 proxies and the rate is $49999.98 per month.

Dedicated Proxy Plans

7 plans are offered in this regard. These are mentioned as follows:

Plan 1 – It comprises of 5 proxies at the rate of $25 per month.

Plan 2 – Comprises of 10 dedicated proxies at the rate of $50 per month.

Plan 3 – Has 25 dedicated proxies at a rate of $125 per month.

Plan 4 – It has 50 dedicated proxies at the rate of $250 per month.

Plan 5 – There are 100 dedicated proxies for $500 per month.

Plan 6 Advance – There are 250 proxies at the rate of $1250 per month.

Plan 7 Advance – There are 500 dedicated proxies at the rate of $2500 per month.

Shared Proxy Plans

There are 7 plans which are offered in this regard and these are mentioned as under.

Plan 1 – There are 10 shared proxies for $30 per month

Plan 2 – There are 25 shared proxies at the rate of $50 per month.

Plan 3 – There are 50 shared proxies at the rate of $100 per month

Plan 4 – It has 100 shared proxies at the rate of $200 per month.

Plan 5 – It has 300 proxies at the rate of $600 per month.

Plan 6 – There are 500 proxies at the rate of $1000 per month.

Plan 7 – There are 1000 proxies and per month rate is $2000


Shifter (Microleaves) is one of the companies that has been on the market for a long time now. It is not only easy to set up but also makes sure that you get the best results. With the servers with a wide geo-distribution, it is important that the best and the most advanced systems that you can enjoy. It is also one of the best proxies to make sure that the tasks are performed with perfection. There are some drawbacks as these proxies do not work with multiple concurrent connections and you may face errors. Less concurrent connections will make sure that you get the best results and the errors also reduce drastically.