Smartproxy Review: The Best Residential Proxy Provider

If you are heard about this company and plan on purchasing proxies from them then it is advised to do a detailed search. I am not saying this because they provide bad service. This is being written to make sure that you don’t go for their slogan “Proxies without Limit” just because they have said it. What I want you to do is detailed research and makes sure that the best and the state of the art outcome is generated. If you are not planning we have already done this for you. Smartproxy is one of the best and the state of the art proxy service provider online.

Why should you go for Smartproxy?

There are many pros of the service that would make sure that you get the best outcome. This also answers the question that why should you go for Smartproxy. Some points are mentioned as under:

  • The company provides you with 10 million residential IP to work on.
  • The targeting of the company is just awesome. It means that you can easily connect yourself from 195+ locations and 8 major cities.
  • The technical support of the company is awesome which means that you don’t need to wait on long queues to get the problem resolved.
  • The API provided by the company ensures that you manage the plans with perfection. It also includes sub-users and limits on plans.
  • Regardless of the plan, the connections that you can enjoy concurrently are unlimited.
  • The average response time of the proxies provided by the company is 3.1 seconds which is just awesome.
  • The backend of the company is awesome. There are predefined sessions and you can also manage the sessions on your own. You can select the rotting time which can be up to 10 minutes.
  • The dashboard is user friendly and there are no complexities involved. Even if you are using it for the first time it is easy to understand.
  • For authentication, you can use username, password or whitelisted IP whatever you prefer.


The best part of Smartproxy is the fact that you can easily configure it on any browser that you can think of. Apart from browsers, you can also get the proxies configured on different software programs and scripts and bots if you are using any. Some important programs that have been specified in this regard are as follows. Apart from these applications, there are many other uses as well.

Browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Insomniac, FoxyProxy extension, Ghost and the list goes on.

Smartphones – Both Android and iPhone are compatible.

Operating Systems – All major operating systems are supported including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Sneaker Bots – Better Nike Bot, NikeSlayer, another Nike Bot, Supreme Bot, AIO Sneakers Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, and EasyCop

Social Media Tools – Tinder, Jarvee, Follow Liker, Gram Multitool 2, and PVA Creator

Scrapers – Octoparse, Parsehub, ScrapeBox, and Scrappy Proxy Middleware

SEO Tools – SENuke TNG, Zenno Poster

Dedicated Proxy Managers – Multilogin App and Proxifier

Pros of Smartproxy

There are many pros of the proxy service that makes it one of the best choices among all the services. Some important pros that make this service outshine others are mentioned are follows:

The Price is Low

The pricing plan is one of the main features of the seller and this is low as compared to the other proxy providers on the list. The price of the other premium services is high as compared to this one. The best part is that as you buy more bandwidth you get more discounts. For instance, the price of the highest plan is as low as $6 per GB as compared to the basic one where this rate goes up to $15GB. The other proxy services on the other hand charge more as you go up in terms of bandwidth and this is all because the minimum commitment is too high. The flexible plans of Smartproxy make it the best choice.

Locations of Residential IP

The best part is that the locations of the residential IP are more as compared to the rivals. There are 6 countries from where the residential IP is provided to the users. These countries include the UK, USA, Germany, India, Canada, and Japan. The twist is that from these countries you cannot select the cities from where you can get yourself connected. For the USA you can make sure that one of the 5 cities is selected. There are other 3 cities integrated as well. The cities are New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, London, Moscow, Berlin, and Miami.

Easy To Understand and Configure

The dashboard is one of the best parts of the Smartproxy. It can easily be understood and can be configured with perfection. It also means that you can configure the locations, upgrade the plans, set the rotating sessions, and perform hoard of other functions. The dashboard is clean and the best part is that understanding it is not difficult at all. Though they lack some important features such as browser extension it is being worked on the rest of the setup is easy. The ease of use makes it one of the best services to use and hence reliable.

Scraping Performance at its Best

With 10 million residential IP addresses there is anything that can be done with ease. The best part is that with the limited pool of IP the proxies are more functional. The best part is that the scraping performance stands at 90% as compared to the other services that are on the list. The only other service that has a better scraping performance is Luminati that stands at 93%. 10 major websites have been tested and the performance has been gauged. The blocking is still faced but it is all because of the captcha solvers. Once the captcha is solved you solve the errors with perfection and no errors are faced at all.

Response Time

In simple words, the time that is required to get a response from the server once the request is initiated is called the response time. This time is longer when it comes to the residential proxies and therefore it is something that defines how residential proxies of service works. With Smartproxy you will get to know that the response time is not only great but it is better than most of the service providers out there. The average response time that has been calculated for this service is 3.792 seconds which is just marvelous. If we take into account the pings and latency then this time is simply awesome. And if we take into account the latency rate that is involved concerning the residential proxies the figure is thriving. It also shows that the service takes its customers too seriously.

Connection Speed

The size of data that can be downloaded makes sure that the connection speed is tested thoroughly. It is one of the best ways to make sure that the speed is gauged and it includes both upload and download speed. When the speed test tool is used with the Smartproxy the results are awesome. The upload speed revs up to 15.85 Mbps and the download speed is 27.23 Mbps. The average ping time is 73ms which is awesome and makes this proxy as one of the best tools of all time. The connection speed also shows that the proxy service is working at its very best and gets you the results that you are looking for.

Session Controlling Mechanisms

The areas on the dashboard have been defined so that the different sessions can be controlled. The main reason is that the IP type is too diverse when it comes to this service. The main IP rotation type that is provided by this service is of two types i.e. rotating and sticky. Both these types are defined and the sections on the dashboard have the related tools. You get the working mechanism that is awesome and you get the work done with ease. These session control mechanisms are made easier for you to operate from a single point of contact i.e. the dashboard.

Rotating Proxies

There is an entry point defined in such types of proxies. This entry point makes sure that you get access to the rotating IP pool. The IP is rotated to make sure that the new IP is assigned whenever necessary. Many other tools are defined in this dashboard to make sure that you use the proxies in an awesome manner and line with your requirements. The third-party integrations of the rotating proxies can also be done from here. The rotating IP is something that fosters the process of data scraping and aggregation. These IP also does not let you marked as spam as the address is changing periodically.

Sticky Proxies

These are the kind of IP where the address is changed every 10 minutes. It means that once the session has been initiated you will have to wait for 10 minutes to make sure that the new IP is assigned. For social media automation, this is awesome as it does not let the social media websites trigger their security mechanism. The maximum limit that has been provided to the user in this regard is 10 minutes. If you want sessions that are longer than 10 minutes you need to turn over to other services.

Customer-Centric Approach

This is one of the best features that make sure that you get the best and the most advanced outcome. It means that you will be getting the best and the state of the art customer service if there is an issue that you have been facing. It is something that has taken the Smartproxy to the next level and therefore it has been highly praised by the users. The email response is detailed and the people on the other end make sure that your problem is understood. They are highly technical in their knowledge and will let you know of the issues and their fixtures separately. The FAQ page has also been set up and you can find the answers to your questions there. The live chat option has also been integrated and this makes this service as one of the most diversified ones when it comes to customer support.

Datacenter Proxies

It is another type of service that has been provided by Smartproxy. Same as the residential proxies the data center proxies can also be used with third-party integrations. The company claims that the data center proxies are highly reliable and do not let you flagged as spam. The proxies are highly reliable and get you the results for which they have been purchased. With these proxies, it is even easier to get to your target at a relatively low cost.

Why Data Center Proxies?

There are many reasons for which the data center proxies offered by Smartproxy should be used. Some reasons are mentioned as under so that you get an idea about the phenomenon.

  • At any given time there are 40,000 proxies in the data center proxy pool that are available for you to use.
  • The proxy rotation mechanism is far advanced as compared to the other proxies that are in question. It is because the data center proxies are vulnerable and should be rotated using a different mechanism so that you don’t get flagged as spam.
  • There are over 100 subnets that provided. The uptime is 99.99% and all the proxies that are provided from the datacenters are secured. It means that these proxies support the HTTPS protocol.
  • The company does not demand and setup fees at all. All subscriptions are monthly and the customer support is available 24/7 so that your issues are resolved.
  • The IP is completely masked to make sure that your real location is hidden and you never get into the issue of being tracked at all. The element of anonymity is the best part of the datacenter proxies.

How to get the best out of Smartproxy?

Numerous functions can be performed with the help of proxies purchased from Smartproxy. From application scripting to modulation of the processes these proxies have made sure that you get the best outcome. Some of the major applications that will make sure that you get the best outcome have been mentioned as follows:

Performing SEO with ease

SEO is a field that requires you to connect to Google and other search engines multiple times. If there is continuous traffic from a single IP then you will get into issues and might find yourself flagged by the search engine. To avoid this and do your web crawling with ease it is advised to use the Smartproxy and you will never get into issues of any kind at all.

Market Analysis

This is another important feature that can be performed with ease and perfection. Some mechanisms are integrated within the websites that trigger auto-response if multiple requests are pushed from a single IP. These requests can also be tracked and the IP address can be blacklisted for the future. With Smartproxy it is not the issue that you would be facing at all. The IP change periodically will make sure that you get the perfect output.

Ad Verification

If you want to overcome the issue of anti-ad fraud then this is the best solution that you have got. You need to verify that the ad is being displayed correctly and is at the same place you paid for. Even you can test the ad verification and make sure that the CPA is run with constant changes to maximize your revenue. This is something that will make sure that you get the best results constantly. The best part is that the ad verification is done with the help of the fastest residential IP pool that has an average wait time of 3 seconds only. With this speed, it is easy to get the results that are fast and reliable.

Product Information

There are no subnets that are associated with the residential IP pool of the company. It is for the same reason that the data which is received is awesome and state of the art. It will also make sure that you get the best campaign results that are being run for price scraping. With 10 million residential IP you always get the results that are matchless and in line with your requirements. Getting a competitor’s product has never been as easy as it is with Smartproxy.

Track Travel Price Data

This is a feature that allows you to get the best price. Flight scraping has been made too easy by this service. The unlimited concurrent session generation is something that never gets you blocked as you send multiple requests but from different IPs. With 195 locations and unlimited IP addresses, you will get the best prices, flight details, and above all the best data scraping.

Pricing Plans

Two types of proxies are provided by the company. The plan also differs in this regard and these plans are as under. It will allow you to identify your needs so that the right plan is chosen for your needs. All the plans are auto-renewable and come with  3 days money-back guarantee except for the BTC payments.

Residential Proxy Plans

4 plans are offered by the company for residential proxies. These plans are mentioned as under:

Micro – As the name suggests that this one is for small projects. The monthly price is $75 per month+ VAT and you get 5 GB traffic limit. The extra GB will cost you about $15 and the proxy user limit is set to 1. The whitelist limit is also 1 on this plan.

Starter – It is the most popular plan and costs you about $200 per month +VAT. The traffic limit is 20GB and extra GB cost is $10. The whitelist limit is 10 and the proxy user limit is 3 with this plan.

Regular – The traffic limit is 50GB and extra GB will cost you $8. The proxy limit is 5 and the whitelist limit is 20. It will cost you $400 per month + VAT.

Advanced – The plan costs $600 per month + VAT. The traffic limit is 100 GB and extra GB will cost you $6. The proxy user limit is 10 and the whitelist limit is 50.

Datacenter Proxy Plans

There are 4 plans for the data center proxies as well. These are mentioned as follows:

Clever Plan – The price is $50 per month + VAT per month. The traffic limit is 100GB and per unit or GB price is $0.5. The extra GB will cost you $1 and 1 sub-user is allowed in this plan.

Smart Plan – The price per month is $100 + VAT. The traffic limit is 200GB and extra GB will cost you about $0.8. There are 3 sub-users allowed on this plan.

Wise Plan – The price per month is $200 + VAT. The extra GB will cost you about $0.6 and 5 sub-users are allowed on this plan. The traffic limit is 400GB.

Genius Plan – Per month cost is $500 and the traffic limit is 1000GB. The extra GB will cost you about $0.4 and 10 sub users are allowed on the package.


There is room for improvement for Smartproxies and there are some areas which the company should work on. For instance, there is no extension for the browsers and therefore the issues must be fixed instantly. Other than this the proxy service is the best and works like charm. The best part is that the proxy up time is 99.99% and the cost is low as compared to the other premium services. The pool of the residential proxies is low as compared to the other services but it is being worked on. Smartproxy is a name is quality and satisfaction and hence one of the best services to try out there. Overall Smartproxies is a name of quality if we take a look at the packages and the prices that are associated to it.